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My name is GARMAR… I am the digital representation of my bosses Gary Loer and Marshall White who own D.L. PORTER. I represent more than 30 years of commercial construction biz knowledge that Gary and Marshall have accumulated along the way. After all, they have built more than half a billion dollars in projects all over the country and are personally involved in each client’s project down to the smallest details.

See below for a list of FAQ’s and if you don’t see the answer to your question there, please email me below and I will get back to you shortly.

Just ask GARMAR about your potential new project or any current one you have in the works. I am here to help.


  1. What geographical area does D.L. Porter Constructors, Inc. cover?
    D.L. Porter Constructors is currently licensed throughout the Southeastern United States and has built throughout the country. Wherever your next job is located, DLP can offer comprehensive construction services to best suit your needs.
  2. Can you tackle a construction project from start to finish?
    Yes, through our Design/Build services, we are able to offer you complete construction assistance from conception to completion. This service results in lower-costs, relying on our expertise to provide money-saving, innovation solutions.
  3. Does your company offer services for building green?
    Yes, as a USGBC member we are striving to find green solutions and are continually expanding our expertise in this area to bring green solutions and building practices to the Southeastern US.
  4. What is the difference between a negotiated contract and a competitive bid?
    In a negotiated contract situation, the relationship between the owner, architect, and contractor is one of cooperation and trust. The contractor is part of the team and works with the architect to identify errors or omissions that may otherwise result in unexpected costs and time-consuming revisions.
    In a competitive bid process, the contractor provides only a price on the plans and specifications provided by the architect. The contractor’s experience and knowledge are not utilized to the owner’s advantage in these situations.
  5. Is the estimation process reliable? Are your estimates accurate?
    Yes! We work very hard to provide accurate, complete estimates of the total cost of the project. We make a priority to include all aspects of the work in our bids to minimize change orders and price increases during the project. The result is smoother, faster building, on time and always on budget.


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