Wal-Mart. Marriott. Circle K. Robb & Stucky. Morton’s Market. From international super brands to hometown favorites, D.L. Porter Constructors, Inc. has built some of the most recognized buildings around. Since 1977, DLP has completed well over a half-billion dollars in commercial construction projects. And whether it’s in Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, Orlando, or Key West, the firm has always run its business from its headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. Wherever your next project is located, DLP can handle it.

We have everything you need from a commercial construction firm: experienced staff, budget-tightening project managers and, most importantly, the personal attention and involvement of the company’s two principals: President Gary Loer and Vice-President Marshall White.

Your satisfaction with our work is what inspires us to build. Our team stands ready to bring a huge range of project types to life: big-box retail, healthcare, convenience store, hotel, restaurant, government, and more. For construction or renovation at any scale, we hope you will contact us at DLP to discuss the requirements for your next project.